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Warehousing and outsourcing services with offices in Tulsa and Okmulgee Oklahoma.

The Hodges Companies
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Distribution Made Easy!

Hodges distribution services can manage your day-to-day operations. Our service includes preparation of invoice, stock control records, consolidation and distribution of products to your end customers or to your distributors.

We can move your goods to anywhere in the country while you develop more business. 

Every company has very unique needs and Hodges will deliver a service package to your specifications. We distribute made-to-ship orders to retail stores, install appliances in the home, provide assembly for manufactures and cross-dock containers from abroad. Bottom line - we will ship and / or receive your products and raw materials faster, more efficiently and at less that you can do it yourself, conserving your place, time, money and resources for what you do best: making and selling your products.

Hodges DISTRIBUTION means cost savings for you and a better relationship with your customers.

Challenge us to custom design a seamless distribution package for you...
- No Cost - No Obligation. For more information, please contact us at
1-888-622-3028 or e-mail us at


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